About Us

Standard-Softwarelösungen für Ersatzteilkataloge und Webshops


door2solution offers standard software solutions and consulting services in the field of electronic spare parts catalogs, e-commerce and shop-solutions in the area of spare parts management.

We are an independent and international oriented company that has been setting standards with innovative software solutions since its foundation in 2004. Through our innovative and modular approach, we achieve a very high level of functionality and positive user experience. Our software solutions run completely on the Web - the technical requirements for servers, operating system and databases are extremely low - which saves investment costs and lowers the total cost of ownership.

From requirement, concept creation, implementation and go-live, we focus on developing a custom complete solution that not only streamlines the workflow, but also delivers efficiency, increased quality and competitive advantage.

Each project is personally (co-) supervised by the managing director from beginning to end, which guarantees the highest level of professionalism. All processes are regulated by a quality assurance system.