Technical eCommerce & Webshop

Our technical eCommerce solution is tailored to the needs of machine, vehicle and plant manufacturers and suitable for both B2B and B2C business processes. In combination with an interactive spare parts catalog our software solution simplifies the online trade with accessories and articles (cross-selling) and guarantees unique shopping experiences.

Functionality overview

  • complete Shop & eCommerce Solutions
  • SEO
  • basket functionalities
  • Cross-Selling-functionalities
  • payment terms
  • responsive design
  • sale of spare parts, accessories and articles
  • order processing
  • user and order management

A simple, clearly structured and quick order process of the right products not only leads to reduction of errors, but also contributes significantly to the increase in sales.

Shop and spare parts catalog differ in form of the representation and input: The primary goal of the catalog is to show spare parts with exploded drawings for precise spare parts identification. Whereas the shop offers articles and accessories with detailed information (picture galleries, long texts) in visually appealing form.

Machines can be depicted as articles (shop articles), as machines (spare parts catalog) or as both. The shop displays only the latest models - whereas the spare parts catalog has several years of history. Regardless of whether an article appears in the shop or spare parts catalog, processes and functions (basket, wish list, notepad, pricing, discounts, availability checks, document links, illustrations, long texts, translation management, interfaces, etc.) are identical. The linking between spare parts catalog and webshop is done by our module door2cross. This means a simplification of the ordering process for the user, since the order of new articles and spare parts can be combined in one order process.

Technical eCommerce B2B

The basket as a central element of the ordering process is one of the basic functions of an effective shop solution at the industrial level. In the case of a system interruption the basket remains. If desired, it can also be printed by a printing module or sent via e-mail. In general, after each order, a confirmation is sent to an e-mail address entered in the system.

Technical eCommerce B2C

Basically, we offer all common payment options and different shipping methods. The shop as a leading system provides invoice numbers and payment. The prices are maintained in an upstream Excel or taken over from the ERP system or dealer management system. Read more in our webshop module door2shop.


More Solutions

Portallösung für Maschinenbau

Service Portals for
Mechanical Engineering

Our service and customer portals provide optimal service around the clock: In just a few clicks you can call up maintenance information, machine-specific documents and photos and process orders. Simple, fast and efficient!

Portallösungen für den Anlagenbau

Spare Parts Solutions for Plant

With customer-specific spare parts data, document integration, knowledge databases and innovative additional features, our portal solutions ensure minimal downtime, short reaction times and optimized process execution.

Ersatzteilkataloge für den Fahrzeugbau und Serienmaschinenbau

Spare Parts for
Vehicle Construction

The rapid availability of spare parts is essential in vehicle and series machine construction. Our interactive spare parts catalog not only guarantees up-to-date spare parts data but also accelerates search and ordering processes.

Ersatzteile und Serviceaufträge für Konsumgüter

Spare Parts Solutions for
Consumer Products

Spare parts, product information and services in the field of consumer products (household, garden, kitchen appliances, etc.) are a decisive factor for successful after-sales service and guarantor for satisfied customers.

Virtualisierung bei der Ersatzteilsuche

Virtual Reality in
Service Management

High-quality VR applications enable precise visualization and presentation of machines and assemblies.
See the right parts!

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