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PackSys Global AG

A new Service Portal for PackSys Global AG

Customer: PackSys Global AG
Modules: door2parts, 3D Module


For the interactive display of customer-specific documentations, including document management, PackSys Global AG now successfully uses the solution for online spare parts catalogs door2parts of door2solution software gmbH.

The interactive application door2parts for visualizing the structure of a machine through all levels is the interface for integrating CAD drawings as SVG graphics from 3DViaComposer (Dassault Systemes) and bills from the Oracle PLM for the PackSys Global AG e-Service Portal. This enables customer-specific and interactive documentation of all parts including document management.

Maurice Fehlmann, Head of Information & Knowledge Management at PackSys Global AG, outlines that “door2parts is an optimal tool for the process-optimized processing of a high-quality and compliant machine documentation for quick and informative presentation in the e-Service Portal. The outcome of this project is very well received by our Service and distribution partners.”

In door2parts, all relevant information and data is imported via corresponding interfaces or entered directly using an editorial system. door2parts is optimized for the needs of service technicians, dealers, corporate customers and end consumers. The further advantages of door2parts are that it is also possible to manage variant BOMs or to operate purchasing management.


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