Virtual Reality in Service Management

Experience spare parts.

door2vr is our software solution for virtual reality utilization in spare parts management. 

Virtual Reality is reaching its readiness for maturity, based on current market prices of professional Hardware (graphics cards, HTC Vive, etc.) and software technologies (webGL, webVR), leading to possible use cases also in the area of spare parts management. The visualization of assemblies enables users to precisely identify, select, rotate, and to look into the "inside" of the spare parts. Additional spare parts and maintenance information for the specific parts can be easily accessed using VR glasses.


  • improved visualization
  • Usage for customer presentations and marketing
  • Increase of productivity
  • Process optimization
  • Support of technical processes
  • Improved understanding of product design and product use


door2solution hat started years ago with a strong focus to deeply understand 3D data and how it can be converted into common file formats, be read and be manipulated (Dassault Composer, Step, Collada, Wavefront Object, Open Inventor, VRML and more).

We offer a broad range - from standardized solutions to customized solutions – in constructive cooperation with our partners. Our VR applications are suited for marketing purposes and product presentations at fairs and events, while sparing you the expensive transport of your machines to the venue.

Areas of Application

- Virtual Showrooms

- Training and assistance in maintenance

- Configuration management

- and more